worker Dangers of Opioid Pain Medications for Injured Workers

Workplace injuries affect approximately 4.1 million Americans annually (1) .  More than half of these injured individuals will have to miss work and receive long-term medical care.  Worker’s compensation plans provide partial wages during the time of injury and recovery period in addition to covering the cost of medical care.  The recent trend among physicians … Read more

thumb_pills NSAIDs: Inhibiting Pain but Destroying your Stomach

The stomach is a resilient organ with an amazing ability to maintain and repair itself. There are a number of physiological processes occurring within the stomach that allow it to rapidly repair damage when it does occur. The frequent discussions regarding the administration of NSAIDs and their capacity to cause GI bleeds has not deterred … Read more

thumb_heart Gulf War Syndrome: Autonomic Nervous System Dysregulation

Gulf War illness is a multi symptom chronic illness, featuring a multitude of symptoms that include but are not limited to fatigue, recurring neuropathic pain, memory dysfunction, cognitive disorders, balance disturbances, and depression. Gulf War illness afflicts an estimated 175,000 military… Read more

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